Presentations in upcoming events

Tua Korhonen

29th Aug. 2013: “Alterity of Animals in ancient Greece” (in Finnish), Vieras, outo, vihollinen – Toiseus antiikista uuden ajan alkuun. The publication seminar on the book on alterity in ancient, medieaval and early modern times, edited by Marja-Leena Hänninen. The Finnish  Literature Society. 

11th–12th Oct. 2013: “To be in the Bird’s Body (with a Human’s Mind) Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth” [Aristophanes’ Birds], “Winged Creatures”, the Meeting of the British Animal Studies Network, Glasgow.

14th–15th Nov. 2013: “Homeric Horses: the Affectionate Bond between Horses and Humans/Gods”, Affective Animals, international symposium at the University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu. See abstract.

18th–19th March, 2014: “Joys of virtuous (and ecological?) living: Plato’s Laws“, Greening the Gods: Ecology and Theology in the Ancient World, a conference organized jointly by the Faculty of Classics, Cambridge University and the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, in St Edmund’s College,

10th–11th April, 2014: “Speaking animals and human animal communication in ancient Greece” (in Finnish), Eläintutkimuspäivät, Human Animals Studies  conference organized jointly by the Finnish Society for Human-Animals Studies  and the Finnish Applied Ethology Society.

Erika Ruonakoski

4th–10th Aug. 2013: “Inner Speech as a Space of Intersubjectivity”, World Congress of Philosophy,  University of Athens.

21st–23rd Aug. 2013: “Entering the Other’s World”, Imagined Worlds, conference at the University of Helsinki .

16th–17th Sept. 2013: “What She Shows Me: A Phenomenological Analysis of Living with a Lurcher”, symposium Renegotiating “Us”: In Performance with Other Species, Theatre Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki.

14th–15th Nov. 2013: “Embodied Relationship to a Dying Animal: Greek Depictions of Horses”, Affective Animals, international symposium at the University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu.

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